sustainable shopping

We are a small family business serving the needs of our local community in living more sustainably.

Some of what we offer;

  • In person service - sometimes you want to be able to see or smell and having a local shop enables you to do this so we have a range of shop hours where you can come in store. Also having a local know the ins and outs of recycling specifics for your area is super handy for the ever changing recycling industry. Click on the tab for 'shopfront - where & when' for address and opening hours.
  • Convenience - phone/click & collect by calling or order online (for refills, please call to arrange).
  • Super Convenience - if you live within 5km of us we offer a delivery service. Call or order online (for refills of volumes required but not listed, please call). If you live outside of this area but are keen for this please give us a call and there are some other opportunities, so we may be able to make it happen.

  • Reducing the mental load - Greenwashing is rife and it can be really hard to know if the product we buying is truly any better than the next or just cleverly marketed. We don't have time to all become experts in chemicals to avoid and product materials and neither should we have to. Supermarket shelves occasionally have some good products but the mental load of wading through the greenwashing to find it research intensive and exhausting. It seems crazy that we should have to so by shopping at The Eco Station we do the work for you. All products are researched for their environmental impact (from production, transportation, use to its end of life), health impacts and social impacts.


We will be getting more products as we discover even more amazing, like-minded small local businesses and if there is anything you would like us to consider stocking, please let us know.

Also check back or subscribe if you would like to be kept up to date.