This is a free service offered by The Eco Station run on volunteer hours, so while you are here, please check out what we offer in the shop, so that we are able to continue to offer this service.

CURRENTLY we are a collection point for;

Dental Recycling

  • > These go to Shepherds Hill Road Dentist then onto Terracycle.
  • Accepted items:
    - toothpaste tubes & caps
    - electric toothbrush heads
    - manual brushes
    - interdental brushes
    - floss containers
  • The electric toothbrushes themselves are no longer accepted by this scheme, but can go to electronic recycling.
More info on Terracycle


  • > These go to Officeworks collection point, then onto Terracycle Scheme.
  • Accepted items;
    - pens
    - felt tips (texters)
    - highlighters
    - markers
    - mechanical pencils
    - correction tape
    - liquid paper
    - fountain pens
    - ink cartridges
Officeworks Website Info

Reading Glasses

  • > these go to Lions Shed, Shepherds Hill Road to their national scheme Recycle for Sight Australia.
  • Accepted items;
    - prescription glasses only that are not broken
    - NO sunglasses, safety glasses or glasses cases.
More info on scheme


  • > sent directly to Terracycle Scheme
  • Accepted items;
    - all brands of...
    - refillable blades and razors
    - rigid plastic packaging
    - flexible plastic packaging
    - disposable blades and razors

More info on Terracycle

Plastic Bottle Tops

  • > collecting for local initiative Recycled Plastic Panels, driven by Daniel Mee, Melrose Park
    ***Please note that small plastics can no longer be collected in a milk bottle and placed in kerbside recycling, due to automation of facility in 2023.***
  • Accepted items;
    - plastic bottle tops.
  • All plastic types accepted as they will be sorted and separated by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteers please see link.
Recycled plastic panels info

Ink Cartridges & Toners

  • > sent directly to .... in collaboration with Eden Hills Kindy.
  • Accepted items;
    - printer cartridges and toners
    - NO packaging
More info on ...

Jewellery Beads

  • > passed onto Jess who has a micro business which repairs or reuses to make new jewellery.
  • Accepted items;
    - broken costume jewellery, that is no longer fit for donation but beads good for reuse
String Beads by Jess Info

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