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Fruit Share Adelaide

Fruit Share is a volunteer led initiative aiming to reduce food waste from fruit trees in the community, to give to those in need.
If you have a fruit tree you would like harvesting for donation, have a few hours to volunteer to help or have a organisation that could utilise the fruit, check out their website for more information and contact details.

Fruit Share Link

Blackwood Repair Cafe

Encouraging the hierarchy of the 5Rs, Repair is far more sustainable than Recycle.
Not got the skills, yet?!
Check out the talents available, book into the repair cafe and bring along your item.
Where: Tiwu Kumangka Library, 2 Young St, Blackwood
When: Second Saturday of the month 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Booking Page

Blackwood Library of Things (LoT)

Ever needed that cake tin or gardening tool for that once in a blue moon occasion so it doesn't make sense to spend a lot but buy cheap quality rubbish seems so wasteful. This is where the Library of Things is a great way to live more sustainably and as a community.
Still in the development stages, local volunteer Ian Naisworth hopes to have the LoTs up and running mid June 2024.
If you have any items to donate please call in Saturday's between 9am-12pm only.
Where: Starting temporarily in the shared space of Shop 2, 10 Waite Street, Blackwood.

LoT Facebook Page

Reconciliation Walk & Community Event

For tens of thousands of years Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have had a strong connection to land.
Recognising the indigenous people of Australia is essential in our learning and also in building community and creating social equity.

Walk & Event Details