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My name is Adey. My family and I have lived in Bellevue Heights for the last 7 years with our dog, Dexter. We love living in the Adelaide Hills, with the gorge and Belair National Park on our doorstep.

When we started our family 9 years ago I got a growing awareness of how much waste we made and the impact it will have on our children and future generations. I began to look at how we could reduce our waste and live more sustainably....a journey we continue to travel.

Part of that journey was swapping our second car for an Electric Cargo Bike. After a friend suggested I give it a go, I was initially thinking "I can't do that!". I am now delighted I stopped to question, "Why can't I do that?". It has been one of the best decisions we ever made, but that's a story for another day.

After the haze of having two children under 5 years old, I have spent the last 3 years volunteering in the local community to help educate in the sustainability space and as part of Parents for Climate, advocating for stronger action on climate. I have co-organised;

- The Eco Walk 'n' Roll to School

- The Boothby Candidate Forum on Climate Action

- The Picnic Party for The Planet featuring Peter Combe

- Climate Action Resources Expo (CARE)

On hearing the news that we would be losing the local eco store I was deeply saddened. Knowing the community of the Blackwood area and their care and desire to do better by our environment and others, it was devastating to know  how much harder it would be to keep up our sustainable changes. It was too late to save the existing store but maybe I could start from scratch.... "I can't do that!" but again that question popped in my mind, "Why can't I?".  So here we are, hoping to provide for and help our local community through The Eco Station.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for people to be able to start or continue their journey to sustainability in a non-judgemental space. We are all at different stages of our journey and we are excited to have you on board. 

We can't wait to meet you.

Adey, Chris, Alpa, Conal & Dexter

The Eco Station's
One Year Anniversary

We did it! Our first year & now our first newsletter!!!

As promised, we don’t plan to inundate you with email after email trying to sell you stuff you don’t need, try to unnecessarily upsell or pressure with arbitrary time limited offers. What we hope to do is show you more ways that you can:
- live more sustainably
- save money
- learn what The Eco Station has to offer you.
Therefore, what we do write, will be well worth the read, if you don't mind us saying so ourselves!

With so many things to share with you it’s hard to know where to start and I'll try not to get carried away.

First of all it has been great to meet those of you who have made it to the shop already. It has been great chatting and getting to know you. There are many that haven’t made it to us yet, but don’t worry we know you are keen and we appreciate your juggle of modern life. This is why The Eco Station have been thinking hard about ways to overcome any barriers to enable more of you to purchase with a greater positive impact for the environment, your health and social change, all the while considering your personal budget.

Take a look below at some of things going on at the moment, with links for more details. Over the following newsletters we will be providing more information about cost effective sustainable changes for you to consider.

Lastly, we appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to serving you even better.

See you soon.

Adey & The Eco Station Family


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Local Delivery

Life can be so busy!
Living less wastefully can be overwhelming!
We can help by delivering to your door - even refill your own bottles!

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Keep up to date with local opportunities to live more sustainably and how you can advocate for more climate action.

Latest news includes;
- Fruit Share Adelaide
- Blackwood Repair Cafe
- Blackwood Library
of Things
- Blackwood Reconciliation Walk 2024

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's for this Sunday.
For those that are looking for some gift ideas for their Mum's (or yourselves), here are some fantastic ones that don't have to cost the Earth, literally and financially - including $0 gifts!